Biggleswade Offices

Beautiful new office spaces for Business in the Bedfordshire town of Biggleswade.

Biggleswade has great business opportunities for any size of business

Business Opportunities

Biggleswade Business

Biggleswade is in the county of Bedfordshire, and attracts businesses of all sizes, including Jordans (Biggleswade) Kier Group PLC, Autoglass, Charles Wells Ltd, Costa Coffee, EasyJet, Thomson Airways, Monarch Airlines, Vauxhall Motors and Whitbread.

Central Bedfordshire Industry

Education, retail, manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical and health were the top five industries for Central Bedfordshire, from 2009 statistics. Less people in this region are employed in health, business administration and support services than the national trend.

Market Town

Biggleswade is historically a market town, and even today, has three thriving markets. The Charter Market, held every Saturday between 8am and 4pm has proved so popular, a Tuesday market was begun to serve the town and every third Wednesday of the month, a farmer's market visits Biggleswade between 9am and 2pm.

Biggleswade's Big Picture

Improvements are coming to Biggleswade town centre, as part of a plan called The BIGG Picture Plan. Run in conjunction with Central Bedfordshire Council, Biggleswade Town Council, Biggleswade Chamber of Trade, East of England Development Agency, Biggleswade Town Plan Steering Group and the Homes and Communities Agency, the BIGG Picture Plan has big plans for Biggleswade.

The plan includes a co-ordinated approach to transport and parking, given the growing population, creating more flexible properties and importantly, extending visits to the town to increase spend and increasing activity in the town centre as a whole. The Biggleswade Offices are perfectly located right beside the town centre to benefit from these plans.

Happy People

The local population around Biggleswade are satisfied with their local area, and the majority strongly feel they belong to their neighbourhood. 21% of people here volunteer at least once a month, giving back to their communities, and 9% take part in civic roles. Turnout to elections in Biggleswade matched the average of the neighbouring areas.


Biggleswade has a population of over 16,400 and is one of the largest towns in Central Bedfordshire - expected to rise to 17,900 in 2014. 65% of the region's population is between 16 and 64, with 20% below that age, providing a large workforce both now and in the future within the area. It is expected from 2009 to 2021 the working population will grow by 9.6%. Central Bedfordshire plans a housing growth of 33,000 houses by 2021 to accommodate the communities.

Employment & Skills

Unemployment is lower in Central Bedfordshire than in England as a whole - at 2.3% compared to 3.5% in December 2010. Unemployment declined over 2010. Due to its proximity to London, Hertfordshire and Luton - 60,900 Central Bedfordshire residents travel outside of the area to work, while almost half that travel into the area for employment. 30% of the population have a undergraduate degree or further, matching the national picture, and 20% have at least 2 or more A levels - the region is overall higher educated than the English average.

Business Networks

Biggleswade benefits from an active Lions Club, two Townswomen's Guilds, two Rotary Clubs, the Biggleswade Round Table, and the Women's Institute. The town also has a Fairtrade Association working to improve provision of Fairtrade goods and businesses.

Your Business

Home to businesses big and small, the Biggleswade Offices will suit small or medium business, or a second office for a growing national business. With such diversity in trade in the area with its excellent logistics, your business will be well suited to a Biggleswade location.